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This is a webite about all of the silly stuff that ManKind believes

This will be a website that shall dissolve all of those silly beliefs that create fear and distress in Humanity

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Superstition and Fear


OK, so you belong to some sort of church or synagogue or temple or mosque, I know...I know you have been taught this and you have been taught that, and if you do not obey, you burn in hell fire. If you haven't read about dual personality, you should probably do that right now.

All of this dogma, Maya and fear is going to lead you astray and the wrong path will be the result.


The only thing that you need to fear is being a bad person that does bad things, you may say that you have done this or that in the name of your God or Gods, but in reality, you have done these things of your own free will, the Devil did not make you do it and you cannot say that "I had no choice"


You have always had control over everything that you do, if you allow yourself to believe that someone or something is controlling you, you are deluded, of course if someone is holding a gun to your head or threatening your loved ones, you may have a small excuse.


It starts with the small simple things like spilling salt or breaking a mirror or stepping on a crack, you hear this nonsense when you were little and it travels with you through your life,

Don't whistle indoors, don't pick up the coin if it is tails up, if you do this, you will be jinxed, if you do that, bad luck will be yours, and if you do the other, you will always be poor.


Most religious scriptures have great stories about right and wrong, they give examples of what might happen if you do or don't do certain things, most all of these scriptures have been written by man, with Divine guidance, this guidance is usually very specific and succinct, and it leaves much to the imagination to fill in the extra pages, so unfortunately, this is done by the man himself, driven by the dogma of the times.


This addition of Fear and Superstition is what creates the unrest in the world, people think that they will take up God's work by being rid of the infidels or by suppressing others rights to free will, they do not understand that free will is a two way street that needs to flow in both directions in order to truly be considered "free"will, they forget that vengeance is the lords, not theirs.


Suppression of Free Will will cause an imbalance that results in bad things happening as long as the imbalance exists, this competition of the Religions is so silly and un warranted, because mankind has failed to realize that their God is everyone's God.


There should not be a fear of going to hell because you do not believe as someone else does, if you have been a bad person that does bad things, then you will eventually atone for the imbalance that you have created, either in this life or in the next or some other life down the way.


I guess that you could consider "Hell" as having to return to right the wrong you had done in a previous lifetime, because what goes around comes around and we all must sow what we reap.


If you insist in believing in Hell and Heaven, I am sure you will visit one or the other for some time before you have to return to complete your tour on this planet, there are no "take backs", but there are most certainly "do overs".


Do not mistake Rituals and sacrifice for superstitious endeavors, especially if they are mostly selfless and for "good", there is always some power in selfless good deeds, and when there is some sort of sacrifice involved, the good intentions are amplified even more.


Most importantly, you must deprogram yourself concerning all of the superstitious beliefs that you have had thrust upon you throughout your life, if you continue to believe in these things, you will make them come to be, especially the ones that worry you the most.


It may be difficult to go through life without experiencing someone Else's superstition, if it's your boss, it is even more difficult, everyone has beliefs silly or not and they should be respected at least to the point of not throwing them back into the face of the believer, you can give them your views on the subject and let them continue as they may, just don't be drug down with their dogmas.

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